Bybit EMEA Exhibitions 2022

The Brief

Bybit is launching their NFT platform and needed awareness across the EMEA regions.

The client needed to stand out from a busy NFT space that can create audience engagement, generate social media exposure and talkabilty. They also needed to educate attendees the usage of their platform. This launch and branding exercise engaged audience of all ages, languages, demographics and crypto / NFT fanatics.

The Execution

We wanted the booth to be relevant to the target audiences that were communicating with. For that, we took the approach of what the modern world looks at, Nostalgia X Modern art.

We incorporated NEON lights, CRT TVs, Modern LED TVs, LED walls and most importantly a live 3D humanoid holographic NFT that interacted with attendees, speaking local and international languages that could banter with attendees.

We managed to create an impact for audiences attending the event and create user generated content on social media with the booth design and leave attendees curious on the humanoid NFT

Most importantly, attendees left the events educated about Bybit and their services through new technology entertainment.

Want to find out how we made it possible? Call or Whatsapp us @ +65 9154 3722 to find out!